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Implants in Dentistry

Implants are used for several treatments. They include but are not limited to, single tooth replacement, abutments for an expanded bridge with multiple missing teeth, and with full dentures to improve retention. Technology in radiography has made this a very specialized procedure. We now have 3D digital radiography so implants can be placed in a more favorable and safe location. These machines are very expensive so you have to do a lot of implants to afford it. An example would be a specialized practice, like an oral surgeon, that can utilize the 3D technology daily. Once the favorable and safe location is decided, the size of the implant is also established. The oral surgeon can now place the implant for the best possible outcome. After four months, the bone has grown into the implant to ensure retention. This is when I can start restoring teeth, whether it be a simple tooth, expanded bridge, or full denture. All these restorative procedures to the implants can be completed in our office. Not all patients are candidates for implants. These patients may need bone grafting or have to go without implants to restore teeth with the best possible alternatives. If you have any questions regarding implants, please feel free to contact Dr. John Dunn at 952-448-4204.

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